Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Am Sick And Tired........

I had not written for a couple of weeks for the lack of a subject I might be passionate about. However, this morning, as I read others' comments in Face book, I came across the comment from an acquaintance of mine, who comments about Immigrants getting all the money that was cut from the Federal Budget. Specifically from the Veteran's Administration, as well as the cuts from SSI, and from Welfare benefits that "They (immigrants) Apply For"
I Am Sick And Tired. That the view that is held by those who, by the sheer luck of their birth, think that no one else who was not so chosen is entitled to anything that their country offers.
Yes, the facts and figures I researched before writing this post, do show statistics that Hispanics (which includes nationals from all of Latin America), are in a higher percentage. But in these figures and charts are also included other groups, which the Righteous Criticizers of the system fail to account for. They focus only on the immigrant (Hispanic) class and fail to see the rest of the groups included in the pie charts and columns, in which nearly every representative of our social strata is accounted for.
I Am Sick And tired. That even when examples of accomplishments of these immigrants and or their children are shown, these views continue to be expounded by these folks who have deemed themselves the spoke persons for America's Silent Society. Those of us who came here, from a place of little hope, of nothing to show for our hard work, those whose families worked hard to improve their lot once they got here. Those of us who went on the serve in our adopted country's military forces, those of our class, who died in the service of our adopted country's ideals.
When you read about why our country is in this condition, you realize one thing. It isn't the fault of the immigrants, nor is it the fault of the Self-Righteous I spoke about earlier (They want to strike at Something!!) or even of the non involved. I believe, after reading a large number of articles regarding this issue, that it is our own government's lack of foresight, of structure, of willingness to cooperate between each political party faction, and of the very politicians we elected to run this great nation.
The debacle which preceded the Budget Agreement, is a prime example of this inability to cooperate with each other. The whole episode became, in the end, a battle of wills between one party's leader and the other, while the national gears ground to a halt. I watched the news reports, as one politician back stabbed another, and I marveled at the cynicism and lack of integrity of each protagonist.
In the end, they agreed to cut here and to cut there and "balance the budget" (provisionally) so the nation could get back on it's feet. The veterans of the nation (among others) took a hit of one percent cut to their benefits. This includes recent battle wounded soldiers and retirees. But nowhere, nowhere in my research, did I read that these monies they had cut, were going to go to the immigrants in our midst, or their children somehow.
The issue of how did we get here, is easy to follow. The government, (those who at the time are running the show) be they of one party or the other, and their party allies in their chosen branches of service, have so burdened the system with their self interest, that it has become a management nightmare. Add to that, the all consuming War On Terror, and we have basis for our present situation.
I am a veteran of four years service in the US Navy, and while I understood at the time of my service, that I was signing four years of my life away to "Protect Our Way Of Life And Stop Communism From Advancing", I in no way was blind to the realities of war. Then as today, I still see war as a useless instrument, it accomplishes nothing, and in the end, after it is over: All we have done is sacrifice the youngest of our citizens, for a cause that often is undefinable and unwinnable. After 10+ years of war, our national health is in peril, it is clear as crystal when you read the reports and articles on the subject. I don't think we were wrong to initiate the "War" however, we as a nation must at some point decide that we have accomplished our purpose in the immediate sense, and try to stop the War Machine Advocacy and bring the mad spending to a stop, and in the process, begin to take care of American's Needs.
I Am Sick And Tired. That those who have come here looking for a better way of life, are blamed by the citizens of this country (Who, Ironically Descend From Immigrants Themselves), whose own politicians have literally bankrupted this nation. In the search for a scapegoat, it is easy to do, many of these immigrants will never learn English, so they can't talk back. Uncounted ones are certainly illegally here, so they won't speak out either, and are often openly discriminated against by the mere fact that of their skin color, their language, or their customs in their own sections of their cities, and yes, they do get deported when they get picked up by INS. and sent back.
I Am Sick And Tired. That while there is truth to the facts shown to us in the charts and studies, the blame continues to be placed on the immigrant from the south in regard to the current situation in our governmental spending nightmare. The reality is: America can not spend as it has, it can not wipe out terrorism world wide, it can not democratize foreign lands where democracy is unwanted, it can not change the world where change in unattainable!!.........
And so, America must look inside its own house, to its own people and resources and work to put it all back together, so that every one in America has the opportunity to work for that which they seek, be it a better life, better work, better shelter, education, and so on.
As a nation, we must demand from those in office, that they make the right decisions regarding wars, spending, immigration, education, budget balancing, to bring us back on the right track.
I Am sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired!!